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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to wearing eyeglasses...

I accidentally scratched my cornea while removing my contact lens, but the injury was not evident until I woke up the next day. It started with a feeling of having a dry eye. Minimal pain followed after some blinking and as the day progressed, the pain became unbearable. Corneal abrasion causes major discomfort because underneath the cornea are a number of nerve endings that are very sensitive even to the slightest disruption of the corneal surface. For 3 days, my left eye was covered with an eye patch to avoid blinking (blinking with a scratched cornea feels like having a rough pebble in your eye--- OUCH!), my vision was a little blurry because of excessive tearing and I was also a little photophobic.

I am aware that there are injuries caused by wearing contact lenses, but you can't blame me for "worshiping" the silicon hydrogel wonder. I started wearing eyeglasses at the age of 1 year 3 months (that was even before I could count from 1 to 5). It was only when I was 22 when my ophthalmologist allowed me to use contact lens, and boy that was ecstatic happiness I felt. I was comfortable with my O2 Optix lenses and I didn't mind spending Php1800 every 3 months (3 pairs/3 months) as I am still on a high from my new "freedom". O2 Optix is great, but I abused it by wearing the lens for 15 hours up to more than 24 hours straight. My bad.

Now, I have to choice but to go back to wearing specs again until my cornea is well healed. Not exactly the look I want, but hey, looking at the brighter side, I get to save [1800x4 =] Php7,200.00 a year. Hmmm... Not that bad after all...

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Anonymous said...

I like O2 Optix too, it brings more O2 to my eyes, and feel more comfortable.
If you don't feel it good, you can try Acuvue oasys, or Acucue advance, they are all good.